Dolce Vita: Ms Daisy wearing Rubber Boots in the Caribbean sniffing nature..hippie chick


found this at the entrance of a local Villa

Translation “Sweet Life” Every now and then I must remind myself just how true that is.. This past summer I took the time to remind myself by doing things on this beautiful island that i hadn’t in years or haven’t ever at all. Why? Because life happens as usual, you forget the beauty that surrounds.

It’s September already, where has this year gone?

Looking back now, July & August has been a buzz. Flying by as usual. I wonder why those 2 particular months pass us as though they never really existed in reality, only on film..okay, maybe not real film but digital image 😉 dating myself with the word film..

No recipe in this post today.. Just nature that caught me over the past few months as well as some fun outings.

I feel compelled to share this mighty cactus that resides near me



For obvious reasons everyone always has a good chuckle as they pass it.

Lets move on…

Year after year hurricane season rolls around and I usually have one thing on my mind that I must buy. Not dry goods, not batteries, not even water. Rubber boots and a rain coat!  When i get caught in a rain storm I tend to look like a wet cat hit by lightning. It’s never a pretty site. My hair blows up and i find myself covered in mud.  Staying home is not an option so I need to be covered in rubber and plastic to be safe.  I am happy to announce that this year I finally bought my rubber boots. And wow, they are some boots. Black, covered with pink flowers, what more could a girl ask for? 😉  A friend of mine calls me ‘Little Ms Daisy” when I wear them. Not sure why though?


Well unfortunately the rain only lasted a few hours on the day I broke in my Ms Daisy boots and the ground dried up quickly so off with the boots because frankly I would have looked silly still kicking around in them considering I was wearing a skirt!

Had a few hours before my hair appointment and a visit to the farm could finally fit.  Yes the farm. The one and only farm on the island.


I drive past it nearly every day and never stop. Not sure why it’s taken me this many years. Run by an amazing Rastafarian from Jamaica passionate about all of his creations from grafting fruit trees, growing a variety of vegetables and his carpentry projects with the local youth.

I had my camera with me and it was turning into an okay day to start snapping once the sun started to peek out. Thought I’d finally share some of the beautiful fruits on my walk through the field.


Star Fruit



Ackee Fruit

Ackee fruit which I have yet to cook with..I must add that to my list.

Sugar Apple

Sugar Apple

butterfly collage

Above is a few pictures of butterflies I took at the butterfly farm. It’s a hop skip & a jump away from home & of course I forgot it’s here. Once inside surrounded by all the different butterflies you truly forget where you are. And yes, those are two butterflies mating! 😉

So as I mentioned I did some things I normally don’t & well tennis & horseback riding were a few…yes I played tennis a few times..a few..just leave it at that. Both activities were great fun but exhausting..Not to mention pulling some muscles that are normally not used! ha ha ha Truly exhausting. I much prefer my kitchen 😉



A visit to the local stable horseback riding only to find a field of various animals. Was amazing! This beautiful pony almost ended up packed up in my suv to come home with me..

I managed to run away to a neighbouring island, well I didn’t actually run, I took a boat..All I needed was my fishing rod that day.Ultimate peace..


instead we splashed about in the water for a full day and captured hermit crabs , which we soon released right back into the water with their lobster friends.


Last picture, i promise : it brings me back to the 1st month I arrived here. It reminds me of the simple peace of strolling about with my camera.  As I said at the beginning, Dolce Vita


BTW, I still don’t own a raincoat! 😦


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4 thoughts on “Dolce Vita: Ms Daisy wearing Rubber Boots in the Caribbean sniffing nature..hippie chick

  1. herbsandwich June 5, 2014 at 5:03 am Reply

    I want to be there, I went when I was 12… that was a long time ago. Thank you for the lovely pictures, I especially like the cactus one 😉


    • Cucina Amore June 5, 2014 at 7:39 am Reply

      ohh yes, one of my fav pictures as well! ahh ha ha Sounds like it’s time for a vacation to the Caribbean 😉


  2. Liz September 14, 2013 at 12:38 pm Reply

    You must have really enjoyed your day. I love the photos of the fruits, the mating butterflies and wow there was even horseback riding, tennis and splashing. I love splashing. It’s very rejuvenating. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend.


    • Cucina Amore September 14, 2013 at 12:45 pm Reply

      lol, yes splish splashing in puddles is exactly that! all grown ups should give it a try 😉


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