Crazy Corn Bread..Gone Mad! Thanks to the internet I found you my Love! Past to Present..

more then just a corn bread

more then just a corn bread

Naming this was real simple. The past few weeks I’ve craved cornbread. Not just a cornbread with cornmeal, I needed actual corn in it. Who am I kidding, I needed cheese and a part of the pig. I didn’t care if it was lardons, bacon or pancetta. I just needed a taste of my old-time cornbread. Problem, I couldn’t find the base of my recipe. So on the phone to my Daddio, begging him to find my recipe. It was from one of my favorite books, Robin Hood “Baking Festival” .

Robin Hood Baking Festival

Robin Hood Baking Festival

“Everythings packed in bins” he said. Ahh yes, my life over there has turned to Rubbermaid. So off to the internet I went in search of my cornbread past to bring it present.

A moist cornbread is always an issue. I didn’t grow up in the South USA but for some reason many kitchens back I took to a good corn bread. A bread with cornmeal could at times end up very dry. A funny married time in my life I had ran across this recipe in that said book & it was always the base for my corn creations. It was a hit, no matter how many times I changed it up. Well, a bunch of Italians experimenting with cornbread for the first time could have gone terribly bad.  😉  Looking back I realize I spent a heck of alot of time in the kitchen during those short years. Obviously I found much-needed refuge. Ahhh a blessing in disguise. Maybe this recipe brings me a sort of comfort, back to all that nutty kitchen time.

Back to Robin Hood, what can I say, grew up with the flour. Canadian grown wheat. It’s the only flour we know. Even the French here on the island swear by the flour. D’best they tell me. 😉  The price here has doubled over the years. I remember buying a 10 Kg bag for $10.99 Canadian at No Frills. Now I spend the same price here for 1/2 the flour..Is someone eating our wheat fields over there?

price is way up

price is way up 17.99 Naf Guilder

Fantastic baking book, wish I had it here with me. Note to self, ask Daddio to send it to me 😉

End note, Corn bread is not a West Indie food. Caribbean yes, certain islands, Jamaica yes, but not the West Indies.. It just doesn’t fly here like on other islands or back in North America. I had some strange reactions to what was a love of mine..not a love of here.. Time to tweek and keep baking this bread and show them how good a Corn bread really is! 😉

The original base recipe can be found here :

Crazy Corn Bread 

1/2 cup lardons, bacon or pancetta – a part of the pig! – sautéed

1 Cup (250ml) AP Flour

1 Cup (250ml) Cornmeal

1 Tblsp baking powder

1 Tsp paprika

1 Egg

2 Tblsp Honey

10oz / 284ml creamed style corn

1/2 cup (125ml) milk

1/4 cup butter – melted & cooled

2/3 cup grated Emmental cheese

1/3 cup canned or fresh corn kernels

Fresh parsley, chopped finely

Saute the lardon, bacon or which ever part of the pig you choose 😉 set aside

In a large bowl combine flour, cornmeal, salt, paprika and baking powder. Set aside.

In a separate bowl, whisk Egg, honey, creamed corn, milk and cooled melted butter.

Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir until combined. Stir in the grated cheese, corn kernels, cooled fried lardon/bacon and chopped parsley.

Pour into buttered/floured pans. I also topped the unbaked batter w/ extra corn kernels & grated cheese.

corn bread in pans

Presently I used an 8 inch loaf pan & 2 fun minis..

Bake loaf for 30 – 35 min…please check it along the way. Insert a toothpick always works.

If making muffins & minis less time is required.

corn bread

corn bread

So my crazy search for my original cornbread recipe has been put to rest.  Grazie to the internet and for my daddio being patient as I searched and of course my Caribbean buddy for reminding me that he is not North American! Corn Bread is not his deal! lol lol 😉

Buon Appetito  😉

End, End note…this is what I do w/ the rest of canned corn..I know it may sound gross but I enjoy it cold. Everyone has a few strange eating secrets!

Corn from the can, staright to the spoon, to the mouth!

straight to my mouth!

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4 thoughts on “Crazy Corn Bread..Gone Mad! Thanks to the internet I found you my Love! Past to Present..

  1. Karen August 24, 2013 at 11:14 am Reply

    I grew up in the south and love corn bread…yours sounds like it turned out great.


    • Cucina Amore August 24, 2013 at 6:08 pm Reply

      ohh a southern gal? 😉 you must have some great recipes to share. I shall poke through ur blog


  2. Opinionated Man August 23, 2013 at 3:22 am Reply

    I may have to dig up one of my mom’s southern corn bread recipes now! 🙂 That looks pretty good!


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